Short Stories


Deep below an old office building lies a tomb that is filled with treasure, a sarcophagus and writing on the walls that is unknown. When the professor leading the archaeological dig orders the sarcophagus to be opened, they find the deceased has a wooden stake impaled deep into his chest.


Lucy sees something that shouldn't be real. When she questions the contents of the sarcophagus, the professor gives Lucy a response that makes her think that she's affected by the illness that has suddenly hit the camp. Lucy will soon learn that it's not an illness that is plaguing the camp but something far deadlier.

Frank and Emma Taylor have been on the run for eight years. After the death of their mother, the siblings took off rather than living in a children's home. They hide the secret of their mother's death, the deal that Frank made with an evil woman.


At eighteen, Frank has had enough. He wants to settle down and not run from the past, to be free of the menace that haunts him every Halloween. With the night drawing closer, Frank and Emma know that they'll be committing another dark deed and with that, they will leave another town behind. The problem is that in this town, Frank's found a woman that he likes. He looks at Lola and sees a future that he cannot have.


When Lola realises that Frank and Emma have skipped town, she begins to look for them, unaware that it is the beginning of the end. The search for an answer to Frank's problems will lead them to the only person that can help them. He will give them everything that they need to be free of the past that is hunting them down. All Lola has to do is agree to his terms.


Lola will learn that every deal has a price but the sacrifice that she makes will be worth it.

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Short story for the Dragon Princess theme set by Wattpad _Once_Upon

In The Hood is a tale about one woman's fight against the oppressive system by stealing from the rich to give to the poor while destroying the oppressors.


A clash of cyberpunk and mythpunk, a modern tale of Robin Hood.

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Short story written for the Wattpad After Dark contest