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Stand Alone Stories and Short Stories

All Seraphina wants is to kill the king of the vampires but ending the life of Hawthorn Lukariah is not as easy as she thinks it will be.


Given a golden opportunity to achieve her goal, Seraphina accepts an offer from the human government to take down the king of the vampires. With the skills that she's spent years developing, Seraphina is their ideal assassin.


One fateful moment will alter everything and the past that Seraphina wanted to avoid will catch up to her. Forced into a situation that she cannot control, Seraphina has to accept that she must bide her time.


When the situation changes and the government makes a move to strike again, Seraphina must decide to listen to her mind or follow her heart.


Will Seraphina save the king of the vampires?

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Ana's got a secret. A past that she wants to leave behind. Her survival in the neon city of Geniprea depends on avoiding the authorities. The past, however, has been cruel and leaves Ana in a situation where she will always have to put herself into the sights of the authorities just to live. Her only hope is to blend into the crowd of thousands of people in a futuristic city that towers high into the sky. 

One moment will change her course. On the run from the police, Ana falls into a tunnel. In the layers deemed to be too dangerous for many, Ana discovers a hidden part of the city she thought she knew, with residents that should be living in the upper levels. The residents are vampires, a race that Ana believed were living among the humans, not in the drains.


In the tunnels, Ana will find a man who reminds her of the past. She knows it is not possible that a dead man could be alive but can't help but look at Jiro and wonder. As their friendship begins to form, Jiro's life begins to weigh heavily on Ana's. Will he be the friend that she needs or will he expose Ana's secret to those who are determined to destroy her?

To make ends meet now that her husband has died in combat, Patrice accepts the only job going in the small town—backbreaking work picking fruit for the local farmer. When the farmer asks Patrice to move the cows into the lower field, she thinks nothing of it until one cow decides to go on an adventure through the wrong gate.


After moving the cow, Patrice notices a glowing gem in the long grass. Patrice decides that it has to be returned to its owner and assumes that the shadowy figure in the distance is that person. Transfixed by the stone and its magical powers, Patrice chases after the mysterious figure, forgetting about the world behind her.


The true owner is Jarek, a merciless elf king who has little time for the games that the crystal is playing. Jarek’s plans for returning to his world after the battle to save the humans in their global war are thrown into disarray when he realises that the stone will not return to him. Jarek has no choice but to do everything within his power to get it back. Without the crystal, he will die.


One small stone will cause chaos for Jarek and Patrice when it binds itself to her and refuses its rightful owner. Determined to get his crystal back, Jarek takes Patrice to his world. He knows that the clerics will have an answer. Neither Jarek nor Patrice will be pleased with what they offer.

With time running out, they must do what is necessary to save a king with no heir.

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Deep below an old office building lies a tomb that is filled with treasure, a sarcophagus and writing on the walls that is unknown. When the professor leading the archaeological dig orders the sarcophagus to be opened, they find the deceased has a wooden stake impaled deep into his chest.


Lucy sees something that shouldn't be real. When she questions the contents of the sarcophagus, the professor gives Lucy a response that makes her think that she's affected by the illness that has suddenly hit the camp. Lucy will soon learn that it's not an illness that is plaguing the camp but something far deadlier.

Frank and Emma Taylor have been on the run for eight years. After the death of their mother, the siblings took off rather than living in a children's home. They hide the secret of their mother's death, the deal that Frank made with an evil woman.


At eighteen, Frank has had enough. He wants to settle down and not run from the past, to be free of the menace that haunts him every Halloween. With the night drawing closer, Frank and Emma know that they'll be committing another dark deed and with that, they will leave another town behind. The problem is that in this town, Frank's found a woman that he likes. He looks at Lola and sees a future that he cannot have.


When Lola realises that Frank and Emma have skipped town, she begins to look for them, unaware that it is the beginning of the end. The search for an answer to Frank's problems will lead them to the only person that can help them. He will give them everything that they need to be free of the past that is hunting them down. All Lola has to do is agree to his terms.


Lola will learn that every deal has a price but the sacrifice that she makes will be worth it.

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I really didn't mean to cause the end of the world, honestly. It kind of just, you know, happened, and maybe I was at the center of it. Okay, so it wasn't the end of the world. It just seemed like it. 

The weather had turned crazy with lightning shooting up from the clouds into the almost clear sky, pitch-black night, but it was actually during the day. If that wasn't enough to make the locals in this tiny town flee in terror, then the birds flying backwards could probably do the job. Don't forget to add to that the ghosts floating towards the lake.

So, how did the town of Norbury manage to have their own little world of drama? Well, it all started with a school assignment. Shall we begin?

A winning entry for the Wattpad Dark Fantasy Dark Tournaments October 

Short story for the Dragon Princess theme set by Wattpad _Once_Upon

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In The Hood is a tale about one woman's fight against the oppressive system by stealing from the rich to give to the poor while destroying the oppressors.


A clash of cyberpunk and mythpunk, a modern tale of Robin Hood.

Short story written for the Wattpad After Dark contest

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