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Book 1 - The Runaway Queen

All Seraphina wants is to kill the king of the vampires but ending the life of Hawthorn Lukariah is not as easy as she thinks it will be.


Given a golden opportunity to achieve her goal, Seraphina accepts an offer from the human government to take down the king of the vampires. With the skills that she's spent years developing, Seraphina is their ideal assassin.


One fateful moment will alter everything and the past that Seraphina wanted to avoid will catch up to her. Forced into a situation that she cannot control, Seraphina has to accept that she must bide her time.


When the situation changes and the government makes a move to strike again, Seraphina must decide to listen to her mind or follow her heart.


Will Seraphina save the king of the vampires?

Book 2 - The Deadly King

Hawthorn Lukariah, the king of the vampires, has upset the British Prime Minister, Jack Wesley. In one foolish move, Jack will unknowingly start a war with Hawthorn, that will stretch beyond the streets of London.


Enraged at the move and the ramifications of Jack's actions, Hawthorn will destroy the leader's world. His vengeance won't stop at just Jack. Hawthorn is determined to take down everyone in Jack's family and anyone associated with the heinous deed.


It's not the only issue that Hawthorn has with Jack. The vampire king learns the truth about an issue that has been festering in the background and who was responsible for it. Desperate for revenge, Hawthorn ramps up the efforts against Jack.


Jack's not prepared to accept anything the vampire king throws at him. He knows that what happened was wrong and that he crossed a line, but he's determined to get rid of the vampires permanently.


One leader will come out victorious. The other will pay the ultimate price for his actions.

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