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Can an Omega become an Alpha?


Omega is the term an Alpha uses when referring to one of his children who is not worthy of leadership. For an Alpha wolf, it means that this is the last person he would pick to replace him. Megan has accepted the Omega status, knowing that she can do nothing to change her father's mind. She could never be as good as her brother, Stephen who had been picked as the Beta.


When her father and her brother are killed in a suspicious car accident, Megan and the West River pack are left reeling. Without a sturdy figure at the front, they will be seen as weak and easily consumed. Megan knows she has to take up the leadership role. It's her birthright as the Alpha's only surviving child.


Another Alpha has made it clear that he intends to consume the territory. There's just one problem. Megan has met this guy before. The Black Ridge Alpha is not what he seems, and he knows something that could put Megan in danger.


One little indiscretion could destroy any chance that Megan has at successfully leading the pack and keeping their enemies from crossing into their territory. It could also be the only thing that saves her life.


With the attempted coup over, Megan is left to pick up the pieces of her life. West River is now seen as a strong pack, but to maintain that view, Megan must comply with the demands of her elders, who are acting as temporary Betas. Megan must find a mate and create the next Alpha with him.


Megan's problem is that she knows that in the misogynistic world of shifter wolves, no male wolf is prepared to accept a subservient role to a female Alpha. Megan believes that she will never find a mate that will be happy in a Beta position.


Taking the advice of her temporary Betas, Megan travels to the mate meetup at Midland Peak. Everything is going well until Konrad turns up. Konrad highlights the truth that Megan has tried to deny, causing her to question what she really wants.


One action will alter their course and create a future that neither Megan nor Konrad expected. The fallout from the weekend away will ripple through their pack and the others around them.


Megan never expected that her mini vacation at Midland Peak would start a war, just like she never thought she would find her Beta.


The fallout from the mate meetup at Midland Peak continues to plague Megan and her temporary Betas. With Konrad's offer on her mind, Megan returns home to tell her Betas the news that she might just have the mate they demanded she find. Oh and of course, that other little thing that happened. The Alpha of Blood Moon attacking her.


Megan is given the opportunity to legally consume another pack without a coup. The only problem is that there are two packs that stand between her land and this new pack. Can she achieve the unthinkable? Can this newly placed Alpha consume three packs?


She has a plan. An idea that might just work provided that she has the help of Konrad and his brother, Ezra.


If consuming three packs wasn't enough for Megan, one little alteration will cause chaos for her plans for the complete domination of the west bank of the river.


The West River pack, together with the Black Ridge pack will set their sights on a grand prize, oblivious to the threat that lingers, waiting to strike.

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