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What lengths would a desperate mother go to in order to find her missing daughter?


When her teenage daughter goes missing after walking to her father's place, Lyla searches in the last place that she was seen, the vampire mile. It's a dangerous stretch of road that has a reputation and Lyla soon learns that her daughter walked down the road at the worst possible time, witching hour.


With time running out, she agrees to engage in the services of a man who claims that he can find Lyla's daughter better than anyone else can. Knowing that she has little choice, Lyla takes the risk and follows the one creature she'd hoped to avoid.


The price that Lyla will pay will be more than she bargained for and leave her in a place that she never expected.

As the waves caused by the actions of the council begin to settle, Merissa and Adley come to terms with the changes in their lives. They know that it is not over but for now, they believe that they have time to regroup.

The inevitability of taking a werewolf as a lover hits Merissa with a force that she does not expect. With the alterations comes a need to broaden their horizon. While Adley is eager to stretch his legs, Merissa hesitates and it causes friction between the couple.

Merissa's mood sinks lower as she searches for answers about her past. Her adoptive father Gamichee knows something but is reluctant to tell her due to safety concerns. The council's harsh view on their community sees the risk to Merissa and Adley's lives grow infinitely. Knowing that he cannot hide the truth forever, Gamichee relents and opens the door to Merissa's past.

What he tells her, what he shows her, is more than Merissa expected. Her past is filled with a danger that will surface in the present. To live without fear of losing his daughter, Gamichee knows that he must give her hope for a better tomorrow. Waging war against the council will sink their world into despair and if she is to survive emotionally, he has to give her something. One little ray of sunshine in a gloomy world.

The fight to be free is over but the war for their survival has only just begun.

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