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On her eighteenth birthday, Olivia and her family visit the local zoo for a family day out. The outing is far from what Olivia wants. She detests animals locked in cages and how people make a profit from their incarceration. Olivia does not want to be at the zoo.

But all of that changes when she finds a new exhibit on the map. Curious to the creature that she’s never heard of, Olivia investigates the nocturnal habitat. What she finds is beyond anything that she thought possible, she struggles to comprehend how this creature became locked behind a wall of Lucite and bars.

One day at a zoo will open the door to a future that Olivia never expected. She will learn more about herself and the past that has been hidden from her. One day at the zoo will break her life apart and put her in serious danger.

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Olivia struggles to find happiness in her life. The issues are mounting, every turn she takes, another one appears. With the startling revelations about the past, the world around her continues to fall apart.


Her friend Jaimee is not the only issue that lingers in the shadows, Olivia will soon learn that the enemy has been right in front of her for her entire life.


Fleeing to the sanctuary of the manor house in Gallagher Mountain that is owned by the higher order, Olivia rests easy of a day while forging a better future with Mateo of a night. She knows that the situation is not permanent and with a beloved memory so close, she yearns for a time when her life can be normal again.


Danger will always linger around the corner, waiting for an opportune time to strike. One simple mistake will have Olivia and Mateo running for their lives.

With her father in a coma, Olivia struggles through her days and nights. Her relationship with Mateo begins to sink with her lowering mood until she realizes that a newcomer has her sights set on him. Determined to remain strong, Olivia shows that she is not prepared to let go and will take down her competition by any means necessary.


The distractions are nothing but an attempt to keep them and the grand council from seeing what is really going on. When everything changes at the manor house, one will see the truth and he will do everything he can to protect Olivia and her father. It will lead to an event where Olivia is seriously hurt. The path to recovery is one that reveals secrets about her family’s past and raises a lot of questions that her family or the council cannot answer.


The search for clues to her family's past leads Olivia down a dark path, one that will expose her to a dangerous situation.

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The closer the slayers get to Gallagher Mountain, the worse Olivia's anxiety becomes. When Constance appears in Gallagher, the final showdown between mother and daughter will begin. The truth of their past, Jaimee's death and the fanatical whisperings from Lyle, the slayer leader, cause Constance to become irrational and desperate to make Olivia pay for what has happened. Is Olivia prepared to face her adoptive mother, knowing that Constance wants her dead?


No matter how hard she tries, Olivia can never escape her past. A dangerous strigoi is determined to take down every last Radcliffe. He will see more than what Olivia wants, he will use her weaknesses against her to rise above and destroy their world. Olivia thinks that she can walk away from the things that have happened but he will prove otherwise.

Escaping the town and the dangerous strigoi will lead Olivia to a path that she never expected, meeting people that will fix the wrongs in her world. Returning to Gallagher will not be easy but the path back to her family's hunting ground will prove to be worth the temporary suffering.


One alteration will change how Olivia sees her birth mother, Iseabal. She will gain a greater understanding as to why the events around her birth and adoption happened. Olivia believes that she knows how things will end up, finding the thought to be uneasy but the alterations to her life make Olivia see things from a different perspective.


Olivia realizes that life was never meant to be easy but sometimes, walking the hardest path is the best way to get to a great life.

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