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The story of a family
that struggles to maintain the false façade of perfection in a world that watches their aristocrats closely.


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In the fae world of Merah, status is everything to the elite. The Rochester family is rich, powerful and desired by many. They are also watched closely by those who would do anything to see them fall from grace.


With the passing of his father, Elwin is left to carry on his father's legacy of ensuring that their family remains at the top. His own choices could leave the family in disgrace but it is not the only problem that Elwin faces in his future. His father, Barwin had a secret that could make their status crumble if it got out. As Elwin learns the truth, he struggles to maintain the image that is necessary to fulfil the needs of his large family while keeping their enemy at a distance.


His father's past is not the only challenge that Elwin faces. In the years before his passing, Barwin created a decree, one that all of his sons are bound to. Elwin must complete the decree in order to be free but his stubborn brothers are determined to get the most out of their freedom before they are doomed to their father's demands.


Calion Rochester has lived his adult life on Earth, hiding from the past and refusing to return home unless necessary. So far, that has been for his father's funeral. Even with the death of his father, Calion refused to return to Merah permanently. It was the land of lies, in his opinion and he didn't want anything to do with it. That is until a Raven appears at his house.


With a message from his older brother, Calion is forced to return to his home world to begin the process of finding a wife. Calion finds the entire situation to be ridiculous and argues that he should be allowed to live his life as he pleases.


The sons of Rochester are bound to a decree that their father created many years earlier. The eldest, Elwin, must find a wife for each of his brothers, starting with Calion. The relationship between Elwin and Calion is frosty, made worse by the issue surrounding their past.


Elwin has his own issues. He's hiding a dark secret from his family, and it could cause serious issues for their social standing if the truth is revealed. To make matters worse, he begins to develop feelings for a woman who should be off limits to him.


Will the warring brothers put aside their differences to complete the decree for Calion? Could the growing feelings that Elwin has for the woman cause a tear in their family that will never be repaired?