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Book 1: Game On

One wrong decision altered Sophie Cole's life forever. Watched by the unknown, she is unaware that she has been handpicked for a game that will turn her into something she never believed possible, giving her more than she ever dreamed of.


In a world of betrayal, lies, and deception, Sophie realizes that not everyone can be trusted, acceptance and compliance aren't easy, and lust isn't always wise.


Getting to the end of this game won't be easy, but there is one who will make it all worthwhile. All she has to do is win.

Book 2: Playing the Game

With the game almost at an end, Sophie Cole sets her sights on life after winning. Life as a vampire won't be a simple one but she knows that with the people around her, anything is possible. 


The game takes a turn for the worse and Sophie will be faced with a situation that could lead to trouble if she's not careful. Everyone has a hidden agenda but none more than Marcus. He desperately wants to win but his reasons are deeper than the prize money or revenge. It could be his downfall and Sophie knows that he could take them all down with him.


Everyone has their minds on the finishing line, forgetting that sometimes the dark figures behind us aren't always our shadows.

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Book 3: Game Over

Sophie Cole's life has taken a dramatic turn. The death sport that she had been forced into is over, and the team has won. Marcus had his moment of glory, and team Kingston escaped the compound with their lives as well as something far grander.


Caleb's fall from grace has hit him hard, unable to accept that he was outwitted by Marcus, unable to accept that all he had is now gone. His revenge against Marcus will focus on Sophie until he learns of a little secret that she is desperate to keep hidden.


Sometimes the need for revenge is so strong that those who are wronged would do anything to set things right again. This showdown will be one that Sophie will remember for the rest of her life.

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