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Mean girls and gorgeous guys, too much homework and a restrictive guardian. A typical life for a teen girl, right? What about vampires, witches, Nephilim and demons?


When Evelyn and her uncle Brad move to the town of Hades, they never expected that the small town would live up to the expectations of the name. Hades has a lot of dark secrets and is not as quaint as what they thought it was. It's a peculiar little place where most of the residents are oblivious to the darkness that encroaches their lives.


The house that they move into has a reputation and one little crack in the basement wall will set off a wave of events that will have certain members of the community knocking on their door within days. If that wasn't enough, then the purple eyed boy with a grim warning haunting Evie's every move will be.


Evie struggles to cope with each new situation that arises. She soon learns that trust is rare and finding someone to stand beside her in the battle to survive won't be easy. All she has to do is defeat a psychotic vampire, deal with a demon and survive a show down with the Nephilim.


Can Evie survive when all the odds are stacked against her?

With the end of the blood war looming, Evie struggles to cope, knowing that she is untrained and not ready to take on a dangerous vampire. All the while, the secrets of her world continue to accumulate. From the unexpected to the hidden who are believed to be dead, Evie knows that every day that passes is another that brings them closer to a time when they will be exposed.


Her powers are growing, and there is only one who can teach her how to control them. Evie must face the one person she vowed she would never meet—her father. Things are not what they seem and her father will give Evie insight into her mother's life. Letting go of the past will not be easy for Evie, but to move forward, she has to accept that sometimes doing what is necessary is far more important.


If meeting her father wasn't bad enough, the powers that rule the portal will be. They're determined to make her fall, strip Evie of her powers, and banish her to the land of the outcasts. In true Evie style, she refuses to bow down to them and highlights things that were unseen and ignored.


Few are standing in Evie's corner. With help from Hades' resident demon, Evie's coven grows to those who will stand beside her in the war and those who will protect her. All she has to do is get everything right. Otherwise, the European vampires will become involved and Evie knows that if that happens, everyone in the coven could be in danger.


Can Evie win the blood war against a powerful vampire and keep the Corbin coven in her family?

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