TM Watkins lives in Brisbane, Australia with her family. When she's not working or running around after her family, she spends her days contemplating the next adventure for her characters and her nights writing about them. Her life as an author began on Wattpad and Radish Fiction.

TM Watkins draws inspiration from everyday life, gazing out the window and frequent loitering around the internet. Writing late at night is fueled by the love of coffee and chocolate. Distraction is found everywhere including but not limited to - the family, the cat, the need for coffee, an itch, a brainwave for a brilliant idea, work, writer's block, social media, temperature, and life in general.

The love of vampires has come from Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, in particular, the movie adaptation of her novel Interview with a Vampire. Other favourite authors include JRR Tolkien, Harper Lee and Sylvain Reynard.


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