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Mary Arnold's entire life has been filled with pain, abandoned on the steps of a church by her parents, not wanted by society and left within the care of government run orphanage. At nineteen she does nothing more than sleep, eat and work two jobs, just to pay for her way in life.

But all of that changed on one cold morning as she walked home from her job as a night fill at the local convenience store. Attacked by a supposedly mythical creature, Mary is thrust into a world of the unknown.

Her survival depends on one person, a dark and cold man who is living with the despair of lost love. Can she depend on a man that is so absorbed in his own misery that he cannot see the danger that looms?

Walking down an alley at five am in the morning wasn't the brightest thing that Mary has ever done, but in one brief 
moment she altered her world forever.

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Nicolas Delacroix has always been a magnet for trouble. His life as a vampire has been one of debauchery and luxury. With money to burn, nothing is beyond his reach, and the excessive lifestyle of the affluent vampire playboy is his for the taking.


His nights of hitting the town to find a temporary female friend are thrown into chaos when he is placed as co-leader of the Lancaster family dynasty with his younger sister, Martine. Without a true Lancaster ruling the dynasty, it is weaker and susceptible to attack. Lycans openly attack as retribution for their inability to return to their home world, blaming the vampires for their suffering.


And if being a leader of a vampire dynasty wasn't enough for Nicolas, he comes across a woman that holds a secret, one that will change his world forever. Rowan didn't want to fall for the charming womaniser; she wanted to hide from the pain that his influence on her life has caused. But some secrets aren't meant to be kept.


Distracted by the issues in his life, Nicolas doesn't see the dark figure in the background, hiding in the shadows. Slowly the figure brings their plan for complete domination into fruition, gaining more power with each passing day. The ultimate prize is worth fighting for, and the shadow figure will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means death.


Stopping the shadow figure at every turn, Nicolas does everything he can to protect those that he loves and in doing so, becomes something that he never believed possible.

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Augustus Valerii’s reign over the Parisian territory has always been tumultuous. A much sought after feeding ground, many would risk taking on the elder to have what he owns. He’s suffered several attempted coups from his own family and those who were delusional in their vain need for glory.


With his declining health, Augustus doesn’t notice the subtle hints that are shown, missing the vital clues that another threat is lingering on the horizon. With a jilted lover to contend with, the last thing he needs is another nightmare. However, the growing issue with the shadow figure has given him just that, and now Augustus has a political refugee to deal with.


Augustus finds himself in a difficult situation, finding the woman to be permanently at the centre of his attention, his desire grows with each crazy moment. Moreover, when he thought that life couldn’t get any more difficult, his dark secret develops into a situation that cannot remain hidden.


One little secret that he’s kept for two hundred years could be his undoing.

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imperfect love_tmw_ebook.jpg

A love that's taken over two hundred years to get right.


One mistake will alter the path of a young woman. Falsely accused, Lillian is sent to the other side of the world as a convict. Her future is set in stone, destined to a destitute life as a prostitute in a place that civilisation has almost forgotten.


Lillian's path will alter because of one man. Gabrielus Montrose buys her life and saves her from a terrible fate. Her future will change and it will be in the hands of a man that has many dark secrets and leads a strange life.


In her new life, she becomes Leah. Leaving the past behind, she forges a new life as a servant and in time, a wife and lover.  When life for a woman is being ruled and bound to a man, Leah struggles with her subservient role to Gabe. He needs a matriarch for his dynasty, he wants her in his life and by his side but he is blinded by the suffering and the belief that he knows what Leah wants.


The curse that has befallen the sons of the five brothers causes heartache for Gabe and Leah. Their love could be strong, if only they could get over the one little issue between them. One wrong move will change their lives, tearing them apart and leaving them broken and hurt for many years.

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When Ella Lancaster was two years old, she gave something to someone that she cared deeply for.


Sixteen years have passed and since that moment, she's barely seen the boy she fell in love with. Living in a different dimension to him, issues with their royal life, Ella and her family haven't had a lot of time to return to Earth. Ella hopes that Castian will remember her but she fears that he has lived his life without a thought of her.

Life in Faelen changes when the king decides to retire and passes the crown to his son, Ella's grandfather. The elders and masters of the vampire race are invited to the crowning ceremony and that includes the one vampire that Ella desperately wants to see again.


Will Castian remember her or will Ella's hopes and dreams be destroyed?

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Trapped into a life as a vampire, Cassie is bound to her maker and forced to steal for him. In a world that is getting darker by the day, Cassie knows that there is little choice in her life. She does as Zed demands and travels to the other side of town to internally case a house that he is interested in. All she has to do is take note of what's inside and how large the truck needs to be for when he takes everything that once belonged to the deceased owner.


The problem is, Zed's information is unusually inadequate and Cassie is put into a situation that is far from what she expected. Faced with an elder vampire, he will give Cassie a second chance that will improve her outlook on life.


She's caught his attention and Elias sees more in her than a grubby misfit that desperately needs saving from a monster. With the proposition of a job that requires her to stay at his house, Cassie takes Elias up on his offer knowing that it will be the protection from Zed that she needs and a home that is far safer than her apartment.


Elias can give Cassie a better future in a new world, safe from the darkness that is slowly encroaching the world around them but the past is always a step behind her ready to drag her back.

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