A life destroyed by a monster, a vampire's plea answered.


For Ava Willis, life couldn't get any worse than it has. Her last living relative has just passed away. On the day of her aunt's funeral, she suffers more blows to her life, things that shouldn't happen on such a terrible day.


Everything happens for a reason, a thought that is firmly stuck in her mind. Taking an opportunity, Ava finds herself at the mercy of a dark and cold man. There is something about him that she finds incredible, Ava cannot help but wish for more from the enigmatic Marlon Ryker.


Her path to a better life takes a dark turn, leaving Ava in a twisted place of pain and suffering at the hands of a beast who would do anything to make Marlon suffer.


An old rivalry between two creatures will have its finality with Ava at the center, and it will leave her fighting for her life.

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