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Sunny Nolan instantly regretted following her parents to the country when they decided to have a tree change. Gone was her friends and her life, replaced with boring days of staring out the window.


Embarking on a walk to town to buy a paper and a long overdue coffee, Sunny ends up lost in a forest. When she finds a shoe impression in the mud, she follows it to a world that she never knew existed.


Brought before the leader of the world, Sunny must plead for her freedom for a crime that she was unaware that she was committing. Kaldrin, the king of the fae, is a cold and dominating man. He is used to submissive women that would do anything to be pleasing in the eyes of their king.


Stubborn and cheeky, Sunny stands up to Kaldrin and makes him realise that the old world fae attitude is no match for the modern Earth woman. The path to their love isn't the quick one Kaldrin had hoped for, the battle to find harmony rages constantly.


Their love could last an eternity and be something that they could never walk away from, all they have to do is stop fighting.

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A life destroyed by a monster, a vampire's plea answered.


For Ava Willis, life couldn't get any worse than it has. Her last living relative has just passed away. On the day of her aunt's funeral, she suffers more blows to her life, things that shouldn't happen on such a terrible day.


Everything happens for a reason, a thought that is firmly stuck in her mind. Taking an opportunity, Ava finds herself at the mercy of a dark and cold man. There is something about him that she finds incredible, Ava cannot help but wish for more from the enigmatic Marlon Ryker.


Her path to a better life takes a dark turn, leaving Ava in a twisted place of pain and suffering at the hands of a beast who would do anything to make Marlon suffer.


An old rivalry between two creatures will have its finality with Ava at the center, and it will leave her fighting for her life.

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Grace Wilder never saw herself as a world saving kind of woman. She just wanted to get her job done and to do it well. There was no time for anything more than the job, everything else was left for another day, and that included her love life.

In her latest job, Grace has to work for a man that wants nothing more than to get rid of her. He’s hiding something, and Grace is determined to find out what it is. She knows there’s something wrong with him, something that she just can’t figure out. To make matters worse, Grace craves more from him. More information, more inappropriate moments, more of everything.

The job leads her down a path that will change her life forever, her step will always be haunted by something that she should fear, she will always walk a thin line between life and death. In her pursuit of knowledge, Grace will become stuck in the middle of an age old war, one that she will not be able to walk away from.​

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After being kicked out of her foster home, Carmen witnesses a brutal attack on two of her people. She flees, knowing that the government agents will kill her too. Hiding in the safety of a forest, Carmen is found by a man who offers her a safe place to rest for the night.


Morgan's generosity shows Carmen that there are some people in the world that care and that he would do everything within his power to give her a better life.


Carmen knows that secrets are dangerous and her inability to tell Morgan the truth puts both of them in danger.


Their love will create ripples through the paranormal community, showing the world that lycans are more than a monster to be feared.

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Her life was nothing but a lie. Jessie finds herself facing a future that she doesn't want and in a desperate attempt to escape, she chases a temptation known as Carter Phillips.


A simple offer, a thought of what could be and a night of freedom. It was all too tantalizing for Jessie. Stepping outside the comfort zone, taking a leap of faith, Jessie takes Carter up on his offer.


It might just be a grave mistake; it might be a life altering experience. Jessie has no idea, and in a moment of bravery, she lets Carter into her home and her life.


The problem is, Carter is not all that he seems. He's caught Jessie's interest but is he a person she can trust? Behind the debonair smile is a man that's hiding something, a past that Jessie may not want to know about. The truth is just a memory away.

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Nikita Rurikovic is demon born and has lived her entire eighteen years of life in hell. She's grown up a part of the troublesome trio with the devil's son and their vampire friend.


Time has passed, growing up has put a wedge between them. In an attempt at reigniting her friendship with her childhood friends, Nikita takes up an offer to hang out with the vampire.


She ventures out into the world, determined to have as much fun as she can before dawn breaks in the underworld. A globetrotting, alcohol drenched bender that will leave a mark on the world and their lives.


How much trouble could a naïve demon born and bad boy vampire get into in one night?

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Life for a witch is not easy. Those that dwell in the dark arts delve into a world that will become inescapable. For those like Bridget, who do everything in their power to remain within the light, they struggle to survive.


Bridget Barclay keeps herself alive by selling her spells to those brave enough to take them. They don't come cheap. There is always a price to be paid, and it's not just money.

Soren de Leicestria wants something, and he's not concerned about any price. The end goal is worth it. That is until the spell backfires, and Soren is left in a situation that is uncomfortable and will prove troublesome for the long term.


Together they search for a solution. The answer is dangerous for Bridget because she knows that Soren could be the death of her.

Can Soren prove to Bridget that he won't be the creature that she fears?

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Cherisa Kinleigh is a Solanite refugee in hiding. Escaping Solan and its tyrannical ruler wasn't easy and to avoid being sent back, she has to pretend that she's an Earth seer.


Attending a lecture at her university, Cherisa listens to the Earth's foremost expert on paranormal life while her friend admires the handsome professor. Cherisa catches his attention and the professor asks to conduct an interview with her, believing that she is an Earth seer.


When her friend goes missing, Cherisa soon learns that the professor is not what he seems. With the help of LIED agent, Dorian, Cherisa searches for the professor who is hiding one rather large secret. He's not the only one and Cherisa soon learns that everyone has their own agenda and motives.


What started as a mission to save her friend soon becomes a  dangerous situation. Fleeing yet again, Cherisa ends up in a world with another dominating leader only this time, she has the ability to give this leader what he wants.


The path to freedom is filled with danger and a past that Cherisa would rather leave in Solan. To breathe freely, Cherisa will do the one thing she vowed she would never do.

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