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What happens when a man falls in love with a woman that is daddy's little girl? What if that woman happens to be the daughter of the devil? One night is all it takes for the spark to ignite and Raven sets his sights on the woman that has caught his heart. Delaney finds him irresistible but knows that her father won't approve of the man that is renowned for his wild lifestyle. Daddy's not happy and when the devil finds out that his little girl is being chased by a womanizing rock star, all hell breaks loose.


Sick of being cheated on, Cara Dremain joins a club for adults who do not want relationships and meets a man who gives her more than she bargained for. One night is all that it takes for him to become hooked, demanding more of her time and her body. Cara's nights of sin are thrown into turmoil, no thanks to her sister Delaney and her upcoming nuptials. All Cara needs to do is get through Delaney's wedding without taking the limelight away from her. But like all grand plans, not everything goes smoothly.


Bored with his luxurious life as one of the devil's children, Emilio creates his own fun and procures items for people who are prepared to pay anything for those items. Known as the magician, he can obtain things that seem impossible for everyone else. One job will guide him to the path of his true love, the forever that will be by his side for an eternity. Except, she's the last person that Emilio should be near. Always up for a challenge, Emilio pursues Candy, hiding his real identity from her. One job will change how Emilio lives his life and in order to save those he loves from the threat of exposure, Emilio has to turn to the only person that can save them. Asking the devil to clean up this mess will cost Emilio, a price that he may not be willing to pay.


Flynn Dremain has always been shy. Unlike his siblings, he'd rather stay at home with a good book rather than catching up with friends or searching the world for his mate. At his parent's request, Flynn starts working as a barman in an upscale cocktail bar in the heart of Los Angeles.

When Flynn agreed to venture out of the underworld for this job, he never expected it to change his life completely. When his parents pushed him out into the scary world, one woman opened her arms and accepted the quiet man in front of her. She will be the warmth that he needs, the loving woman that adores him and in return, Flynn will give her everything that she believed would never happen. One faithful love for an eternity.

Graysen Dremain has always been trouble. He's struggled to stand out in the crowd that is his family. The son of the devil wants to be noticed but not in a way that would cast a light on him and his antics.

One drunken night on the town shouldn't have been any different to the ones in his past yet in this one night, he does the unthinkable in the world of deities. He marries a demon.

His father believes that Sophia is using Graysen to get out of her contract. True to his nature, the devil does what he can to stop a situation that is spiraling out of control.

If the devil thought that the fight for supremacy over heaven was difficult, facing off against his stubborn son will prove to be much worse.


Life should be easy for Nathaniel Dremain. He's the first born grandchild of the devil, he's the long-awaited child of Brannon and Emily. Nate knows that all their hopes and dreams begin and end with the child they spent sixteen years waiting for. 

Except, Nate's hiding a secret.

Fearing the loss of his family, the love that they give and everything that being a member of the devil's family has to offer, Nate is reluctant to tell them. He hides the truth rather than destroying the world he lives in. The more he refuses to acknowledge the truth, the more Nate suffers.

But the newcomer at school changes everything. Charlie is everything that Nate wants. Nate craves more from Charlie but accepts that friendship is all he's going to get. That is until Charlie realizes the truth about Nate.

Exposed, Nate fears the worst. He doesn't want to lose Charlie but knows that nothing he can do will save the friendship. Every little fear that Nate's had will surface, exploding into a mess of emotions that he may never recover from. Nate knows that his secret will now be his undoing and everything that he's ever cherished will be lost.


Two lovers to be entwined for an eternity, a love to fulfill their every desire. Not all paths are happy ones and fate has a wicked way of showing Imogen Dremain that the hardest lessons in life can be learned by anyone, including a fallen angel. Finding her soul ahead of schedule, Imogen learns about deity relationships the hard way. Before his death, Imogen's soul leaves her something to remember him by, something that will cause waves when she finds him in his next life. Waiting for her soul to return causes Imogen to become hardened, believing that she is unworthy of happiness. That is until she meets Corvus Jones. He's got an angel on his shoulder, protecting him and keeping him lucky in this life. Imogen soon realizes that it's not an angel on Corvus's shoulder but something a little closer to home. Imogen fears that the past will return to haunt her, struggling to accept the truth of the past. All she needs to do is let go and accept that the man in front of her is not the same person.

Remember Me

All it takes is one curious human to stumble into the underworld to alter Hudson's life forever.


Eager for the perfect picture, Juliet puts herself into a dangerous situation. She follows a strange crow, taken by the bright red eyes that watch her. Slowly the bird leads her to a hidden gate to the underworld.


With Cerberus by his side, Hudson searches for the security risk that has entered the underworld. What he finds is an intriguing human that captures his attention quickly. Given no other choice, Hudson has to care for the problem plagued Juliet. At a time when he should be watching over his misfit twin, Imogen, Hudson is stuck playing nurse.


Distracted, Hudson doesn't see the signs and is filled with guilt over the issues surrounding Imogen. When he finally accepts that he cannot change the past, Hudson strives for a better future for his beloved twin sister and for himself.


He believes that there is light at the end of the tunnel. After saying it out loud in front of Juliet, Hudson realizes the grave mistake that he's made. Hudson learns that his life is a path that he has little control over, and that sometimes, we're not meant to follow the light.

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