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Life for a witch is not easy. Those that dwell in the dark arts delve into a world that will become inescapable. For those like Bridget, who do everything in their power to remain within the light, they struggle to survive.


Bridget Barclay keeps herself alive by selling her spells to those brave enough to take them. They don't come cheap. There is always a price to be paid, and it's not just money.

Soren de Leicestria wants something, and he's not concerned about any price. The end goal is worth it. That is until the spell backfires, and Soren is left in a situation that is uncomfortable and will prove troublesome for the long term.


Together they search for a solution. The answer is dangerous for Bridget because she knows that Soren could be the death of her.

Can Soren prove to Bridget that he won't be the creature that she fears?