Augustus Valerii’s reign over the Parisian territory has always been tumultuous. A much sought after feeding ground, many would risk taking on the elder to have what he owns. He’s suffered several attempted coups from his own family and those who were delusional in their vain need for glory.


With his declining health, Augustus doesn’t notice the subtle hints that are shown, missing the vital clues that another threat is lingering on the horizon. With a jilted lover to contend with, the last thing he needs is another nightmare. However, the growing issue with the shadow figure has given him just that, and now Augustus has a political refugee to deal with.


Augustus finds himself in a difficult situation, finding the woman to be permanently at the centre of his attention, his desire grows with each crazy moment. Moreover, when he thought that life couldn’t get any more difficult, his dark secret develops into a situation that cannot remain hidden.


One little secret that he’s kept for two hundred years could be his undoing.


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