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When Terreck finds a mysterious woman on the beach in south Indren, barely out of the water, he takes her to the monastery where he is staying. One little clue will give Terreck insight into her identity, a necklace with the word Salanas inscribed on the back. He knows what the octopus on the pendant means, he knows the trouble she could cause him.


Terreck is a lost soul. His mind rages with the memories of a war against the orcs in Metarn and a monster that haunts his days and nights. All he wants is to find inner peace and after fleeing his home, Terreck wanders the land in search of a shred of tranquillity. He finds himself in a little monastery by the beach, slowly clawing his way back to the light.


Despite the thoughts and fears, Terreck cares for Salanas for an entire month before she wakes and he learns that she has lost her memory. Salanas struggles to walk, slowly learning and regaining the use of her muscles. With guidance from Terreck, Salanas grows stronger each day.


Terreck believes that the woman that washed ashore after a mighty storm was a gift to his weary soul. He finds peace within himself by caring for her and tending to her needs. The nightmares that once plagued him have stopped and even though he doesn't want to consider it, Terreck believes that Salanas is the reason. He wants to keep her around but knows that she must be returned to her home so that her loved ones can help her memory return.


The path back to Trosian is long and arduous. Their days are filled with the thoughts of the future while their nights are consumed by the unrelenting passion that refuses to subside. They both know what their future should be but cannot escape what is right in front of them.

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