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Cassius never expected his life to change. He was happy to live the life of a playboy prince. With his lovers Beth and Fenno at his side, he moved between his country Laeroth and Beth's homeworld, Earth. The enticing world is far from what he's used to in Laeroth. His partying lifestyle comes to an abrupt halt when his mother's favored guard appears, giving him a grim message. He must return home at once.


Ressanae has worked as Queen Aurielle's guard since she first entered the royal army. She has been a loyal and trustworthy protector of the leader's wife, hiding many secrets from those who looked at Aurielle. Her life has been one of service, wary of those around her and always keeping a sharp eye on her surroundings. Ressanae would die to protect her queen and she would do anything to ensure that she remains safe. Even if it means that she has to kill someone.


Trusted with bringing the young prince back to Laeroth, Ressanae travels to the obscure dimension that she'd only heard whispers of previously. Finding Cassius is the easy part, convincing him to return without saying too much will prove to be Ressanae's greatest challenge. Cassius knows what his future holds and he's not prepared to let go of the past and those who dwell in it.


Accepting a future bound by rules and limitations, Cassius believes that his life will become dull and depressing. Forced to marry and produce an heir, he thinks that no wife will accept the lovers that have been his entire world. He's seen how his father's many concubines have destroyed his mother's happiness. Cassius knows what damage it can do but he cannot let go of Fenno who has been by his side for longer than he can remember and Beth, the temptress from another world.


Finding a path to a happy future will entwine their paths in ways that Cassius or Ressanae never imagined, creating a life they never expected.

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