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All Gesael wants is to build a new part of his prosperous town. Placed as lord of the county by his father, the king of Eprena, Gesael has it all. He wants more though. Looking up to his older brothers and seeing what they have, Gesael knows that he could get so much more and thinks that as a prince and lord of his county, he's entitled to it.


That is until he meets Novali in the crowded marketplace. She's determined to stop the county lord and his plans to expand the town and destroy a nursery wetland that is home to a rare dragon.


The Eprenite that stands before her is not what he seems and the false view that hides the truth and gives Gesael the anonymity he craves. He takes the opportunity to learn about Novali and her cause. It's more than Gesael being bewitched by her tenacity or her beauty. There's something about Novali that is like no other woman that Gesael has ever met.


Both Gesael and Novali have their secrets and one night will alter their future and expose them to the danger of a warmongering brother who will do anything to ensure that he gets what he wants. Even if it means that he kills his family and the heir to the kingdom of Eprena.

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