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Deadly Beasts World

It starts with one mistake, one moment in time that alters the world of dark beings forever.


Hidden from the humans, the vampires struggle against a beast that stalks them and hunts their kind. The lycans goal is to be the supreme race on Earth, to punish the vampires for a past sin and to be the only dark being that feeds upon the humans.


In the age-old war of vampire versus lycan, one creature will come out on top. One being will celebrate their triumphant win. But not all victories should be celebrated. Not all wins are necessarily a good thing. 


The hunting rights to Earth is a prize worth winning. Both races will do anything they can to be the ones on top. With alliances forming, the paranormal beings of Earth will choose their side and wait for the war to end.


One action will change everything in ways that no one could see coming. It will be the beginning of the end.

Deadly Beasts

Reading Order

Intruder In His Heart

Lethal Love

Deadly Beasts 1: The Curse Of The Rose

Deadly Beasts 4: Imperfect Love​

Deadly Beasts 2: Divine Blood

The Devil's Love

What I Need

Deadly Beasts 3: The Sun God

In The Line Of Fire


Howl At The Moon

Fallen Angel

One Night

The Witch And The Night Stalker

Deadly Beasts 5: Little Princess

Iron Angel

Sugar And Spice

Sweet Like Candy

At The Edge Of Heaven

His Desire

Gorgeous Nightmare


Love You To Death

Remember Me

Cherry Bomb

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