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Emre has lived a hard existence. Raised by a monster who believed he was a witch because his mother was from Weskana, Emre was regularly beaten by his father until he ran away from home. A mere boy when he entered the royal army, he served his king with fierce loyalty. King Gehen rewarded the valiant warrior, considering him the son he never had. But the past never faded, creating a merciless vampire who enjoyed his task of finding victims to take back to his people in Merile.


When Chloe turned eighteen, her father sold her to become a concubine for the king. Events changed her life when Gehen was called to a meeting with the fae king and never returned. Faced with the prospect of the unknown, she hopes that the new leader will free her which is customary for the concubines when there is a change of leadership.


With the belief that he is the best choice and Gehen considered him a son, Emre takes control of the leadership and everything that Gehen once possessed, including his concubines. Emre is not interested in them but when he sees Chloe, his opinion changes. Emre refuses to force Chloe into his bed and asks for a week to convince her to willingly join him.


Emre's got big plans for Merile and her citizens. He begins to realize that Chloe is more than what she seems and exactly what he needs. With Chloe by his side, Emre will create an impressive future for himself, his people, and the woman who believes in him.

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