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The sound of silence

Goodness, it’s almost been twelve months since I last put something up. It has certainly been a busy twelve months.

Let’s see… minion and I went to America. We had a super time and had lots of fun. I might put something about it up soon, I still giggle over one nightmare situation that could have been a scene out of a movie.

But yes, we had lots of fun. The people were so friendly and helpful. (not that I expected any different!) We stayed on the west coast in Los Angeles venturing through Santa Monica (sadly that day was brief), Hollywood and Anaheim. Yep, we went there. We visited the home of everyone’s favourite mouse, Mickey. We got furry hugs from Chewbacca, got a minor scolding from Darth Vadar and minion negotiated smuggling terms with Boba Fett. Can you tell we’re Star Wars fans?

What else? Ooh, in December I was invited to join Radish Fiction. Did you hear screams of delight from your part of the world? That was me. I am honoured to be a part of the app and even more honoured to be invited in the first place.

The Devil’s Love continues to blow me away with its success on Wattpad. It’s even doing well on Radish. The rank on Wattpad hovers within the top three in paranormal and briefly shared the top ten with Fallen Angel when it had a surge in rank.

So what’s happening for the next year of (hopefully no) silence?

Well, the continuation of Deadly Beasts, of course! The Sun God is currently being released on Wattpad, plodding along rather nicely. There is a wicked smirk on my face as I think about all of the issues that I’m plaguing poor Augustus with. Ooh, poor Oog.

Divine Blood is being edited for release, it’s in the large to-do pile in my mind. There aren’t enough hours in the day and it makes it worse when I have to walk away from the computer to go to work. Damn this need to pay for food and a home! It would be lovely to quit work and make writing my full-time job but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Unless by some stroke of pure luck, a miracle comes my way. Until that mythical miracle happens, I will continue with life unchanged.

In the Deadly Beasts World, another tale is waiting to go. It’s a tale that I wrote after writing What I Need and is about Igor and Catherine’s daughter, Nikita. I would love to release it now but I can’t because – 1. It still needs work/editing, and 2. It is a super spoiler for the future of certain characters and of course, the future of the Deadly Beasts World itself. So sadly, it will sit and wait until we get through the other stories.

I have another tale for this world that is waiting to go, it needs work and editing (as always) but is almost there. In my mind, I debate where to put the story. Wattpad or Radish? This is the continuing issue that I have. It’s like a vicious circle of thoughts. I need more time to write but I can’t because I have to go to work and earn money. I can earn money through Radish but I can’t through Wattpad. Then there are my beloved fans, many not able to afford to pay for a chapter. I know because I’m in that boat. However, there was a book on Radish that I wanted to read so I did it, I bought coins. You know, it wasn’t that expensive and I don’t regret it because now I get to read an awesome book and it was completely worth it. (Constant Craving by Tamara Lush, if you’re wondering.)

So I don’t know really. It is something that I know I will be thinking about for a long time. Like all aspiring authors, my life goal is to be an author full-time, not the bleary eyed, late night writing that happens now. I’ve moved to an actual room to write rather than a corner in my bedroom. Now, I actually have somewhere amazing to write. Maybe I might throw some pictures up on Instagram or Facebook. It’s spooky and cute, helping my paranormal writing by being surrounded by things of a similar nature.

I’ve got that part of my writing life covered, set up in an inspirational area that maybe (maybe not lol) helps my writing. So, I guess we’re down to that other part, you know, lack of time and money. Maybe one day, eh?

For now, that’s it. I’m writing a few notes as I go for future blogs so maybe we won’t have another year of silence. I know, I’m laughing too.

In the meantime, come on over to Wattpad or Radish and check out my stories. Links below.


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