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The tails of two kitties, Part 4 - Ain't no mountain high enough

It seems that dear little Raj is the star of the show yet again. I've never had a kitten like this one and if it sounds like a bad thing, then I assure you, it's not. He's adorable and easily forgiven.

So this tail begins with the purchase of an egg chair. Little minion had been dropping rather obvious hints for a good six months or more, telling me how much she'd love one. I looked at the prices online (because it seemed that none of the local furniture shops had them) and rolled my eyes at the price. Not in this lifetime, kiddo!

Days and weeks pass and K-Mart has wicker egg chairs and I'm looking at the catalogue thinking, wtf, this must be a sign! As a bonus, it was cheaper than the ones I'd seen online. So I wander down to the store and have a look at the one that was right by the entrance, chat with the greeter and decide that it was definitely a sign.

After dragging two large boxes home in the trailer and storing it for a few months, Christmas rolls around and little minion gets an awesome free standing egg chair. The chair looks rather good in the room, sitting between the end of the lounge and the wall. Little minion loves it and uses it every day and it was definitely money well spent.

Now, Raj has claimed it as his own. He's not perturbed by it, he doesn't care that it moves when he jumps up onto it. It's his and that's all that matters. One night when we're watching television, Raj is wandering around and decides that he'd like to try climbing it. He gets half way up by the time I can get off the lounge, little minion is freaking out because she thinks he's going to fall and hurt himself. Raj complains at being removed from it and after a scolding, he's on his way again.

I'd like to say that days pass before he makes attempt number two but that's not the case. He'd look at it, he'd reach up to the gaps that he uses to climb up and when he realises that he's about to get into trouble, he's off like a rocket and skittering across the highly polished wood floors.

In his most successful attempt, Raj actually made it to the top. He climbed onto the pole that holds the chair and by this stage, I'm off the lounge and yelling at him to get down. (I really love how obedient he is and, I love it when he looks at me give me the stare of defiance.) Ignoring me, Raj then decides that he'd like to venture onto the curtain rod and walk the length of it. So that you understand, it's just a metal rod, it wouldn't hold much but somehow he's fine.

I couldn't reach him. Yeah, I'm vertically challenged. So I had to get my brother who luckily just happened to be nearby to come and get the cat off the curtain rod. In my entire cat owning life, I've never had to say that. Until now.

Since that day, Raj hasn't climbed Mount Eggchair. Maybe he got up there and realised the mistake. He's turned his attention to the bookcase which sits beside the staircase so one wrong move there and he's going to be in a world of pain. I think he likes to scare the life out me and little minion. And to make matters worse, Marley has started getting up there as well. So now I have to find something to put in their way to stop the daredevils from getting up there.

Who said life was dull?