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The tails of two kitties, Part 3 - It must be love

Have you ever seen a cat padding at something? I see it all the time. Marley was the first, the object of his affection was a black blanket that was soft, silky and beautiful. I had bought it from a reject shop and it cost very little. Having him stick his claws into it repeatedly wasn't ideal but as it cost almost nothing, I wasn't overly concerned.

Next on the list is the little he-demon Raj, the object of his affection is a white faux-fur scatter pillow on my bed and happened to be a birthday present from little minion. I try not to be sentimental about a pillow but see the thing is, I've got issues when it comes to cats and pillows.

Let me take you back to a time when I was a teenager. (It seems so long ago) My mother had made me two little pillows to put on my bed, one I don't remember but the other I do. (for reasons you will soon learn) It was a white heart shaped pillow with lilac colored lace around the edge.

The house that we lived in had the bedrooms upstairs and the living areas downstairs. We had gone out one day and returned home to find the heart pillow at the end of the hallway near my parents bedroom, my room was at the opposite end. We assumed it was one of the cats and thought nothing of it so I picked it up and put it back on my bed. (Please, hold your groans)

Now these cats were adults by this stage, pure bred Persians, brother and sister. (Not the one that is still alive) Being that they were pure bred, the vet recommended delaying the de-sexing of the male to broaden his face. (Does this help with sinus issues? I can't remember the reason for it) So little man is left with the junk in his trunk for a little while longer and I guess my parents didn't stop to think of what the long term problems of such an action could be.

What problem would that be? Well that would be the (de-sexed much too late) male having carnal relations with my damned pillow. In the hallway. On my bed. Anywhere he damned well pleased because he loved that thing. And I hated it.

Just so that we are clear, this was full blown hips gyrating. For an innocent (don't laugh) teen girl, it was quite a sight. And of course, my younger brother got to witness the cat getting a booty call as well. The cat would be shooed away and the pillow would be picked up by the tattered lace and held at a distance, offered to the teen girl who was screwing up her face in disgust.

Goodbye pillow, goodbye cat lover.

So Raj is lucky that it's just his paws getting into the pillow. If I see those hips flex even once, I'm not going to be a happy chappy.