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The tails of two kitties, Part 2 - The cheese thief

The title says it all, doesn't it? Take a guess as to which one. Go on, I dare you.

Let me lay the scene out for you. Small kitchen in a square shape. Fridge by the entry with rectangle bin in front of it. It's rather close but the fridge door can open sufficiently. There is nowhere else for the bin and whoever designed this kitchen needs to be shot. Butanyway, moving on. The bin sits beside the bench that wraps around in a u shape, the other side of it is the stove. When I'm lacking in bench space and not using the stove, I use it as bench space.

Due to a dairy issue in this fair country, it was a little hard to find things at the shops. Little minion is fussy on her cheese, so I buy this one brand because I know that she will eat it. Unfortunately I couldn't get grated cheese however, I could get block cheese.

Now rather than grating the entire block, I decided that I would cut off a portion and grate it while wrapping the remaining block in plastic. Plastic wrap on the stove top, ready and waiting. Cheese into the grater, grated and ready to be put into a container. I turned around (a big mistake) to put the block on the plastic and wrap it up nice and tight. Then I turn around to deal with the grated cheese and see Raj squatting on the floor in the dining room as he eats his pilfered bit of cheese. Blah.

The cat had gotten up onto the bin, sniffed out the cheese and pinched a bit. What could I say? Well, I did yell at him once I got over the fact that the little sod had been on the counter top.

What lessons did I learn from this experience? Don't trust Raj with food, he will eat anything. Don't turn my back on Raj, he will disobey me at every chance. And don't trust the co-conspirator Marley who was watching on and said nothing! How rude.


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