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Into the unknown

This year is fast becoming something different, things are changing and a lot is going on.

For starters, my little monkey came home from school after a particularly bad day and declared that she wanted to be home schooled. I was a little dubious at first, especially considering that she had always liked going to school. No matter how much questioning I did, (concerned about bullying) all that she said was that she didn't like it anymore and her panic attacks were on the rise because of it. At this point I was like, whaaa? What are these panic attacks that you speak of, oh mini me? Another little startling revelation from my little minion. Yes, she was having them but didn't think to tell me. Oh tween child, you give your mother grey hairs!

Little monkey turns thirteen this year. Where have the years gone? I feel old... Jokes aside, she is the sweetest person on this planet, beautiful (I might be biased) inside and out, cheeky and adorable. Yeah, okay I am biased. Oh, and she's spoiled rotten. (The joy of being an only child) I feel blessed to have her in my life.

And the other big thing that's happening? Really big. Little minion and I are going on a holiday. You might say, so what? Lots of people go on holidays. Yes, I get it. I've been on lots of holidays before too. I've traveled by car, motor home and plane over varying sections of the east coast of Australia. But I've never done this. I've never left the country. I've never gone on a holiday without another adult. So where in this big old world are we going? Well that would be the wonderful United States of America. I know we will be fine and that I'm just freaking out because I've never gone overseas before. Little minion is excited though she acts aloof. She's eager to go shopping and already my credit card is crying.

We've just past seventeen weeks on our countdown calendar and those last few weeks are just going to fly by. I know they are.

My writing and stories will and have changed. You might have seen it already. The singular stories have been culled from Wattpad, all that remain are the stories that are either in a series or directly related to one. For now it will remain like that and as for what may happen in the future, well it will probably stay the same. Some of the stories available on Amazon have been culled too, I want to spend this year and the ones ahead of me developing my paranormal world.

I've been tinkering with an idea, something that I hope to bring to Wattpad fairly soon. Often I find that I'm being hard on myself because my mind is distracted with thoughts and ideas for other stories instead of getting on with the jobs that I've got to do. Like finish off Divine Blood for publishing, or plotting the upcoming chapters for Fallen Angel & Sunny Side Up. Oh, and let's not forget the plotting of Deadly Beasts 3.

It also doesn't help that when I come home from work, I'm tired. My mind will desperately want to get in front of the laptop and get on with my tasks but there are some nights when that just doesn't happen. I am ever grateful for days off and weekends.

So what's ahead?

Fallen Angel will continue on, I've plotted a path that is a little dark. (I hope you're ready for it!) The end hasn't been decided (or thought of) but like all romances, I'm sure it will be a happy one.

Sunny Side Up is almost at an end. I've been toying with a couple of bonus chapters, they will give insight into a particular event.

Deadly Beasts 3 will start soon, likely at some point after Sunny Side Up finishes. Who is the lucky vampire that gets his or her story? Hmm...

Deadly Beasts 2 will come out soon with a couple of bonus chapters and the sneak peak of chapter 1 of Deadly Beasts 3. When it goes up to Amazon, it will come down from Wattpad so if you want to read it for free, get in now! I will give lots of notice of course and no doubt offer lots of free purchasing through Amazon.

And then, the other little project. The one that is distracting me. I think that at this point it will probably start when Fallen Angel is finished. I try not to have too many stories on the go at once.

So that's me done, all wrapped up in a nice little package for the next few months. I'm off to find something to do. Is it too early to start packing for my holiday?