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A woman with a thirst for revenge and a vampire with a different kind of thirst.

Each wage their war on a seedy underworld that exists in their city.

Together, they could set the world on fire. If only they could get along.

All Vivian wanted was a night out to enjoy herself and meet new friends. She did not expect to have her world thrown into chaos. It started with a nightclub called The Playhouse and ended in the alley behind it. 


Ladies night at the club earned Vivian a voucher to get her a free drink. Vivian didn't realize that the voucher had more than one meaning and the ramifications of that coupon would not be understood until it was too late. Trapped into a situation that was spiraling, Vivian struggled to maintain control.


Subdued by a sedative, Vivian passes out in the alley behind the club. In her final waking moments, Vivian sees a shadow with glowing red eyes consume the area and all within it. When she wakes, Vivian realizes the truth about The Playhouse. It is not what it seems and is nothing but a front for a seedy den of vile, reprehensible behavior. 


Vivian vows to make things right, to stand up for those who might still be trapped inside the club. In doing so, Vivian exposes herself to more danger and it’s not just the shadow with glowing eyes that is watching her. There is someone else that has his eye on Vivian and he will do anything to get his hands on her.