Her life was nothing but a lie. Jessie finds herself facing a future that she doesn't want and in a desperate attempt to escape, she chases a temptation known as Carter Phillips.


A simple offer, a thought of what could be and a night of freedom. It was all too tantalizing for Jessie. Stepping outside the comfort zone, taking a leap of faith, Jessie takes Carter up on his offer.


It might just be a grave mistake; it might be a life altering experience. Jessie has no idea, and in a moment of bravery, she lets Carter into her home and her life.


The problem is, Carter is not all that he seems. He's caught Jessie's interest but is he a person she can trust? Behind the debonair smile is a man that's hiding something, a past that Jessie may not want to know about. The truth is just a memory away.


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