Remember Me

All it takes is one curious human to stumble into the underworld to alter Hudson's life forever.


Eager for the perfect picture, Juliet puts herself into a dangerous situation. She follows a strange crow, taken by the bright red eyes that watch her. Slowly the bird leads her to a hidden gate to the underworld.


With Cerberus by his side, Hudson searches for the security risk that has entered the underworld. What he finds is an intriguing human that captures his attention quickly. Given no other choice, Hudson has to care for the problem plagued Juliet. At a time when he should be watching over his misfit twin, Imogen, Hudson is stuck playing nurse.


Distracted, Hudson doesn't see the signs and is filled with guilt over the issues surrounding Imogen. When he finally accepts that he cannot change the past, Hudson strives for a better future for his beloved twin sister and for himself.


He believes that there is light at the end of the tunnel. After saying it out loud in front of Juliet, Hudson realizes the grave mistake that he's made. Hudson learns that his life is a path that he has little control over, and that sometimes, we're not meant to follow the light.

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