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Sunny Nolan instantly regretted following her parents to the country when they decided to have a tree change. Gone was her friends and her life, replaced with boring days of staring out the window.


Embarking on a walk to town to buy a paper and a long overdue coffee, Sunny ends up lost in a forest. When she finds a shoe impression in the mud, she follows it to a world that she never knew existed.


Brought before the leader of the world, Sunny must plead for her freedom for a crime that she was unaware that she was committing. Kaldrin, the king of the fae, is a cold and dominating man. He is used to submissive women that would do anything to be pleasing in the eyes of their king.


Stubborn and cheeky, Sunny stands up to Kaldrin and makes him realise that the old world fae attitude is no match for the modern Earth woman. The path to their love isn't the quick one Kaldrin had hoped for, the battle to find harmony rages constantly.


Their love could last an eternity and be something that they could never walk away from, all they have to do is stop fighting.