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Grace Wilder never saw herself as a world saving kind of woman. She just wanted to get her job done and to do it well. There was no time for anything more than the job, everything else was left for another day, and that included her love life.

In her latest job, Grace has to work for a man that wants nothing more than to get rid of her. He’s hiding something, and Grace is determined to find out what it is. She knows there’s something wrong with him, something that she just can’t figure out. To make matters worse, Grace craves more from him. More information, more inappropriate moments, more of everything.

The job leads her down a path that will change her life forever, her step will always be haunted by something that she should fear, she will always walk a thin line between life and death. In her pursuit of knowledge, Grace will become stuck in the middle of an age old war, one that she will not be able to walk away from.​