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A love that's taken over two hundred years to get right.


One mistake will alter the path of a young woman. Falsely accused, Lillian is sent to the other side of the world as a convict. Her future is set in stone, destined to a destitute life as a prostitute in a place that civilisation has almost forgotten.


Lillian's path will alter because of one man. Gabrielus Montrose buys her life and saves her from a terrible fate. Her future will change and it will be in the hands of a man that has many dark secrets and leads a strange life.


In her new life, she becomes Leah. Leaving the past behind, she forges a new life as a servant and in time, a wife and lover.  When life for a woman is being ruled and bound to a man, Leah struggles with her subservient role to Gabe. He needs a matriarch for his dynasty, he wants her in his life and by his side but he is blinded by the suffering and the belief that he knows what Leah wants.


The curse that has befallen the sons of the five brothers causes heartache for Gabe and Leah. Their love could be strong, if only they could get over the one little issue between them. One wrong move will change their lives, tearing them apart and leaving them broken and hurt for many years.