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Emre has lived a hard existence. Raised by a monster who believed he was a witch because his mother was from Weskana, Emre was regularly beaten by his father until he ran away from home. A mere boy when he entered the royal army, he served his king with fierce loyalty. King Gehen rewarded the valiant warrior, considering him the son he never had. But the past never faded, creating a merciless vampire who enjoyed his task of finding victims to take back to his people in Merile.


When Chloe turned eighteen, her father sold her to become a concubine for the king. Events changed her life when Gehen was called to a meeting with the fae king and never returned. Faced with the prospect of the unknown, she hopes that the new leader will free her which is customary for the concubines when there is a change of leadership.


With the belief that he is the best choice and Gehen considered him a son, Emre takes control of the leadership and everything that Gehen once possessed, including his concubines. Emre is not interested in them but when he sees Chloe, his opinion changes. Emre refuses to force Chloe into his bed and asks for a week to convince her to willingly join him.


Emre's got big plans for Merile and her citizens. He begins to realize that Chloe is more than what she seems and exactly what he needs. With Chloe by his side, Emre will create an impressive future for himself, his people, and the woman who believes in him.

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Cassius never expected his life to change. He was happy to live the life of a playboy prince. With his lovers Beth and Fenno at his side, he moved between his country Laeroth and Beth's homeworld, Earth. The enticing world is far from what he's used to in Laeroth. His partying lifestyle comes to an abrupt halt when his mother's favored guard appears, giving him a grim message. He must return home at once.


Ressanae has worked as Queen Aurielle's guard since she first entered the royal army. She has been a loyal and trustworthy protector of the leader's wife, hiding many secrets from those who looked at Aurielle. Her life has been one of service, wary of those around her and always keeping a sharp eye on her surroundings. Ressanae would die to protect her queen and she would do anything to ensure that she remains safe. Even if it means that she has to kill someone.


Trusted with bringing the young prince back to Laeroth, Ressanae travels to the obscure dimension that she'd only heard whispers of previously. Finding Cassius is the easy part, convincing him to return without saying too much will prove to be Ressanae's greatest challenge. Cassius knows what his future holds and he's not prepared to let go of the past and those who dwell in it.


Accepting a future bound by rules and limitations, Cassius believes that his life will become dull and depressing. Forced to marry and produce an heir, he thinks that no wife will accept the lovers that have been his entire world. He's seen how his father's many concubines have destroyed his mother's happiness. Cassius knows what damage it can do but he cannot let go of Fenno who has been by his side for longer than he can remember and Beth, the temptress from another world.


Finding a path to a happy future will entwine their paths in ways that Cassius or Ressanae never imagined, creating a life they never expected.

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When Terreck finds a mysterious woman on the beach in south Indren, barely out of the water, he takes her to the monastery where he is staying. One little clue will give Terreck insight into her identity, a necklace with the word Salanas inscribed on the back. He knows what the octopus on the pendant means, he knows the trouble she could cause him.


Terreck is a lost soul. His mind rages with the memories of a war against the orcs in Metarn and a monster that haunts his days and nights. All he wants is to find inner peace and after fleeing his home, Terreck wanders the land in search of a shred of tranquillity. He finds himself in a little monastery by the beach, slowly clawing his way back to the light.


Despite the thoughts and fears, Terreck cares for Salanas for an entire month before she wakes and he learns that she has lost her memory. Salanas struggles to walk, slowly learning and regaining the use of her muscles. With guidance from Terreck, Salanas grows stronger each day.


Terreck believes that the woman that washed ashore after a mighty storm was a gift to his weary soul. He finds peace within himself by caring for her and tending to her needs. The nightmares that once plagued him have stopped and even though he doesn't want to consider it, Terreck believes that Salanas is the reason. He wants to keep her around but knows that she must be returned to her home so that her loved ones can help her memory return.


The path back to Trosian is long and arduous. Their days are filled with the thoughts of the future while their nights are consumed by the unrelenting passion that refuses to subside. They both know what their future should be but cannot escape what is right in front of them.

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Carriel has always been a free spirit despite her past being rough and full of grief. A chance encounter with Kasen Aulden, the king of Metarn at the age of sixteen alters her life forever. With his help, she creates a new life that is similar to the one that had been taken from her years earlier. The wild nature is never far away and in an attempt to keep her safe and occupied, Kasen gives Carriel a mighty gift. A ship called The Disgraceful Demon.


Kasen has a problem. In fact, he has several. Something is making him ill, his wife barely acknowledges him, orcs are hounding the north and he's in love with Carriel. In an attempt to solve the orc problem, Kasen asks Carriel to take him to Trosian. His plan to solve the orc plague is helped by the belief that the Trosian royal family performed an act of war against the Metarnese. All he needs to do is trap the king into admitting the truth. With a little luck, the trip to Trosian will help Kasen fix more than one of his issues.


Neither Carriel nor Kasen thought that the trip would be anything more than an attempt to get an admission of guilt out of the Trosian king. Kasen will admit the truth to Carriel, he will tell her everything. He knows the past. He keeps the secrets. He vowed to protect Carriel no matter what.


Danger lurks in the shadows and no matter how much he tries, Kasen cannot protect Carriel all the time.

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All Gesael wants is to build a new part of his prosperous town. Placed as lord of the county by his father, the king of Eprena, Gesael has it all. He wants more though. Looking up to his older brothers and seeing what they have, Gesael knows that he could get so much more and thinks that as a prince and lord of his county, he's entitled to it.


That is until he meets Novali in the crowded marketplace. She's determined to stop the county lord and his plans to expand the town and destroy a nursery wetland that is home to a rare dragon.


The Eprenite that stands before her is not what he seems and the false view that hides the truth and gives Gesael the anonymity he craves. He takes the opportunity to learn about Novali and her cause. It's more than Gesael being bewitched by her tenacity or her beauty. There's something about Novali that is like no other woman that Gesael has ever met.


Both Gesael and Novali have their secrets and one night will alter their future and expose them to the danger of a warmongering brother who will do anything to ensure that he gets what he wants. Even if it means that he kills his family and the heir to the kingdom of Eprena.

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Saphielle strives to be seen as Landren's most powerful queen. As the youngest queen to rise to leadership in the history of the monarchy, she has her work cut out for her. Despite the rules she is bound to, Saphielle tries to ignore her obligations. To avoid a vote of no confidence from the senators and the royal court, her mother steps in to ensure that her daughter meets their requirements.


The first is that she must marry. In the heat of her anger, Saphielle makes a statement that her mother takes as a commitment to the future. When Lord Toran Colinar walks through the door at that moment, he creates one rather significant problem for Saphielle.


Saphielle hopes to avoid Toran, the rakish lord with a reputation as a lady's man. Despite her efforts to get rid of him with her cold indifference, Toran is not swayed and vows to undertake his duty to his queen and his country.


With the recent issues in the other kingdoms and her own problems, Saphielle notices a pattern forming. The ominous thoughts could start a war if the other leaders agree with her. Saphielle knows that as queen, it is her duty to protect her citizens from a dangerous enemy. She looks to her side and to the lord that would stand beside her, knowing that death could be his future.


Can she risk it all to save her country from a deadly foe? Will Saphielle let the wall down and let Toran into her heart?

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Walking home from her work’s Christmas party, Mia is abducted by a vampire and taken to another world where she is sold as sustenance. When the vampire that owns her feeds on Mia, something goes incredibly wrong. Mia escapes, fleeing into the unknown world where she has no one that she can trust and has no idea how to get back to Earth. Hiding from the vampires becomes Mia’s new life in this strange world.

Once a mighty figure, Jodan has lost it all. After trusting the wrong people, he was sentenced to death. Escape was his only option. Jodan quickly becomes a figure of darkness that stalks through the shadows at night and keeps a low profile during the day. The treachery has filled Jodan with distrust, leaving him a bitter husk that keeps everyone at a distance. 


Jodan finds Mia, thinking she is the enemy. He soon learns it is not the case, and after hearing the sad tale of how she ended up in his world, Jodan agrees to help Mia. Their partnership is frosty at best, filled with questions from an inquisitive human and a fae warrior who would prefer to be left alone. 


Mia wants to return to Earth, and Jodan wants to go back to the life that he’d once had. As their journey progresses, Jodan and Mia search for answers to their problems, soon realising that there is something far better in front of them. 


In order to get what they want; they must learn to trust each other.

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Lily's goal in life is to keep her alter ego subdued by avoiding gold as much as possible. Her job as a financial researcher for an investment company is risky but Lily believes it is the best way to learn how to make money without the need for the menace that always lingers as thoughts in her mind.


Eager for a promotion, Lily is forced to accept a journey to visit a client, Calvin Arnold. She never expected to cross paths with an eccentric man with a dark secret.


Given an ultimatum, Lily accepts Calvin's proposal to search for hidden gold, a task that could create chaos for her and a new wave of yearning for her alter ego. Together, they embark on an adventure, learning about each other, their past and a future together.


The dark secrets will lead them to another world that is on the verge of war. Calvin's past drives his need for vengeance against a criminal king. All he needs to do is step out from the shadows and ask the other leaders to back his need for justice. In doing so, Calvin returns to the life he once lived only this time, he has Lily by his side.


Together, they will create a future that is fraught with danger but filled with love, calming a tangled mind and return a leader to the throne.

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Niranina, the eldest of a wolf councillor, craves her father's acceptance. The problem is that she will never get it. The misogynistic figure refuses to acknowledge her win in the dominance fight or place her as his second in charge.


Scarred from her fight, Niranina's confidence plummets. Even when her childhood friend and king of her country, Keryis offers the truth about her appearance, Niranina cannot accept it.


Enrolled into the royal army as punishment for her failure, Niranina vows to make her father proud, enraging Keryis. Doing all that he can to protect her, Keryis creates issues for Niranina. Tempers flare, made worse by the fact that Keryis's former love interest is participating in the war against Weskana.


Niranina never warmed to Novali. Now that Novali is queen of Eprena, Niranina struggles to let go of the past and the damage that has been caused. In one fateful moment, their lives alter and Niranina is thrown into a situation where she must do the one thing that previously refused to do.


Every step that Niranina takes leads her to a future that her father should be proud of. Niranina soon learns that he is not the male that she should seek attention from. There has been one that has been beside her for their entire life and he's always been proud of her.


Letting go of the past and accepting the truth will not be easy for Niranina but she will create a new future that is filled with the eternal love of a king, an unexpected friendship and a life that is free of the chains that would have dragged her down.

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