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What is behind the wall?


What hides behind the crack?


When Evelyn and her uncle Brad move into an old house, they never expected to find that they were not alone. One little crack in the basement wall sets off a wave of events that will have certain members of the community knocking on the door within days.


Evelyn and Brad soon realise that the country town has dark secrets and that Hades is not as quaint as what they thought it was. It's a peculiar little place where most of the residents are oblivious to the darkness that encroaches their lives.


Hades is ruled by one man and he will do all that he can to stop the past from breaking free. Will Evelyn be able to stop him before he destroys everything that she cares for?

In the days after Niko's death, Evelyn struggles to cope with her emotions. All that she wants is to return to the past that she had ripped from her hands.


After an altercation with the schools resident mean girl, Audrey, Evelyn meets Kannon. He's a vampire that has his sight set on the new girl in town and is not shy about telling her. When new information about the past comes to light, Kannon guides Evelyn and her uncle Brad through the murky waters of dealing with vampires, claiming ownership of the house and returning the Corbin line into ruling the vampires of Hades.


Evie and Kannon's affection for each other deepens despite the constant observations of the purple eyed boy. He's always around to deliver the dire warning, reminding Evelyn that the clock is ticking. The boy is the least of Evie's problems. A run in with a nasty vampire leaves Evelyn in a bad position and the only person who can help her is the new friend.


One mistake will cause waves for Evelyn, creating issues that will ripple far and wide.


Release date: 

25 May 2020

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Finding trust in Hades is difficult and Evie knows that the only one she can truly believe in is her uncle Brad. The sudden appearance of her father has Evie concerned. Mardyl claims that he is on Evie's side but the Nephilim boy's constant whispers of disagreement cause Evie to question his motives. She wants to trust her father but lacks the time to build the relationship and trust.

With Drakkus closing in on her, Evie knows that she needs all the help that she can get. If trying to avoid the vampire leader for Hades wasn't difficult enough, the Nephilim boy continues to remind Evie that his kind is coming for her. Will the showdown be enough to keep the Nephilim away permanently?

The boy is not what he seems. His façade lifts to his true form, leaving Evie in a place she never expected. He will protect Evie from those who give a false view of their true intentions. Will it be enough?

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