Cherry Bomb

Cherisa Kinleigh is a Solanite refugee in hiding. Escaping Solan and its tyrannical ruler wasn't easy and to avoid being sent back, she has to pretend that she's an Earth seer.


Attending a lecture at her university, Cherisa listens to the Earth's foremost expert on paranormal life while her friend admires the handsome professor. Cherisa catches his attention and the professor asks to conduct an interview with her, believing that she is an Earth seer.


When her friend goes missing, Cherisa soon learns that the professor is not what he seems. With the help of LIED agent, Dorian, Cherisa searches for the professor who is hiding one rather large secret. He's not the only one and Cherisa soon learns that everyone has their own agenda and motives.


What started as a mission to save her friend soon becomes a  dangerous situation. Fleeing yet again, Cherisa ends up in a world with another dominating leader only this time, she has the ability to give this leader what he wants.


The path to freedom is filled with danger and a past that Cherisa would rather leave in Solan. To breathe freely, Cherisa will do the one thing she vowed she would never do.


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