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The tails of two kitties, Part 2 - The cheese thief

The title says it all, doesn't it? Take a guess as to which one. Go on, I dare you. Let me lay the scene out for you. Small kitchen in a square shape. Fridge by the entry with rectangle bin in front of it. It's rather close but the fridge door can open sufficiently. There is nowhere else for the bin and whoever designed this kitchen needs to be shot. Butanyway, moving on. The bin sits beside the bench that wraps around in a u shape, the other side of it is the stove. When I'm lacking in bench space and not using the stove, I use it as bench space. Due to a dairy issue in this fair country, it was a little hard to find things at the shops. Little minion is fussy on her cheese, so I buy this o

Into the unknown

This year is fast becoming something different, things are changing and a lot is going on. For starters, my little monkey came home from school after a particularly bad day and declared that she wanted to be home schooled. I was a little dubious at first, especially considering that she had always liked going to school. No matter how much questioning I did, (concerned about bullying) all that she said was that she didn't like it anymore and her panic attacks were on the rise because of it. At this point I was like, whaaa? What are these panic attacks that you speak of, oh mini me? Another little startling revelation from my little minion. Yes, she was having them but didn't think to tell me.

The tails of two kitties, Part 1 - The kitten from Hell

I've mentioned previously that I own cats but never really said anything in particular about them. Before we start the tale, I will give you a little history about my life and pets. We've always had cats. We've always had them from kitten age until they died. We never gave any away, always loved them and treated them well. For a while we had two cats, a female and male from the same litter. The female died about two+ years ago and I think that she was around fifteen years old. Her brother is still with us, the lovely fluff ball that he is. Prior to the female dying, my little minion wanted a cat of her own and I was not adverse to getting another cat, given the age of the other two. So rathe

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